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Some people who subscribe to my newsletter and read this blog have asked me where the newsletters have disappeared to.

It is true I had made a push to get some new backend work done and then in turn start publishing more often. However with the Inn being busy and a lot of projects to complete before MAy 1st and my parents arrival I got kind of side tracked.

So for the month of May I have been sightseeing with my parents and in this coming final week of May I will also have my ex wife Karissa and daughter Hayden here with me.

Hopefully all starts to calm down and we get in to a routine.

There are also Sausage issues being dealt with and other projects still to be completed (like an office fitout for one).

In turn I still hope to make NetBloke a more regular and higher priority.

So until then go find someone else blog and let me know if it is any good!

Nathan Allan

I am an Australian living in Olympia, Washington, USA. I have a wonderful wife, Casey, three amazing kids and a great Australian Cattle dog, Sydney. I love photography, hiking, camping and kayaking. I have a few internet projects I am working on, which reflect my Bed & Breakfast Business. All of my interests and expertise seem to compliment each other.