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  • Buy my 1990 Miata! http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/cto/1268181788.html #
  • Trying to get Thinkers items done. Have to upgrade the WBBG helpdesk though, sick of spam for nude celebrities! #
  • WBBG Help Desk updated! Lets hope that spam disappears with the new updates! #
  • Planning the Rose garden paving project thanks to Mum and Dad. Excavation starts tomorrow. #
  • Interesting article on Twitter and Innkeeping. Worth the read for Bed and Breakfast owners. http://bit.ly/3mNlL #
  • going to play with some machinery but mainly dig in the dirt. #
  • Is progressing but slowly killing himself! #
  • Back to work in the dirt. Ordered homemade hamburgers for dinner. Fed myself pasta for lunch. Watch out dirt! Here I come! #
  • RT @tweetmeme All-In-One-SEO Update Extremely Dangerous! | WPblogger http://tinyurl.com/mbqt7a #
  • I have given up for the day. Good amount achieved. Now going to vege out sort of. Fix a computer then burgers and fries! #
  • What do WordPress users recommend for a shopping cart? #
  • Buggered again after nearly getting the rose garden dugout. Sun is too hot. Now meetings for rest of the day. I want a nap! #
  • Cobblestone Paving for the B&B ordered. Sand delivered. Why does Home Depot make every order such a trial? #
  • Busy day! Elopement Wedding. Hopefully everyone here feeling better. #
  • Buy my Gig Harbor Duplex! $259K http://bit.ly/Hln6G #

Nathan Allan

I am an Australian living in Olympia, Washington, USA. I have a wonderful wife, Casey, three amazing kids and a great Australian Cattle dog, Sydney. I love photography, hiking, camping and kayaking. I have a few internet projects I am working on, which reflect my Bed & Breakfast Business. All of my interests and expertise seem to compliment each other.