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  • Oh my watched ROFL on Revision3. Do NOT go and see what the domain is about. The internet is evil. #
  • This is why everyone hates big banks. The feds try to help and the big banks stuff it up http://tinyurl.com/yda8a3y #
  • Dear credit card processing companies. If you call here trying to sell me anything…I will hunt you down and make your life hell. #
  • Feeling better after a couple of days written off. #
  • An interesting day. Plotting the downfall of an bad man and the rise of a new power. I should have been napping! #
  • Complained to County Health last Thursday. Spot inspection today. Scored 100% . Priceless! #
  • Looking forward to an organized day. Had a very appreciative guest last night, that started the day well. #
  • Plan to re-tile Astoria Room next week. So no one ask me to do anything! #

Nathan Allan

I am an Australian living in Olympia, Washington, USA. I have a wonderful wife, Casey, three amazing kids and a great Australian Cattle dog, Sydney. I love photography, hiking, camping and kayaking. I have a few internet projects I am working on, which reflect my Bed & Breakfast Business. All of my interests and expertise seem to compliment each other.