2011 The goals

So as I have made everyone aware I am stressed out like a crazy man. Not sleeping properly, worried about everything.

Business is not great, but it could be worse. It will get better seasonally, this is just the worst time of year, at least since the recession hit.

We are trying to do a refinance that originally included the much talked about carriage house. Now taking a step back from that, we found out having the duplex made our cash-flow look so bad that the carriage house was not in question.

Through work with an Small Business Development Center, MBA, we formalized what we already knew, we needed to make more money. Primarily take advantage more of the summers (high season) and pump up weddings again (which have been down as we are always having babies in summer).

So with financing getting re-jigged it looks hopefully that we may build a Pavilion that will replace the carport (an eyesore and falling down anyway). This would help with wedding revenue and give the all important covered space for weddings taking weather somewhat out of the equation. We also will renovate the kitchen, get a catering license and hence become a one stop shop for wedding sup to 60 or so people. This would emulate our success with elope weddings, where we are quite successful.

We are also toying with the idea of still digging out the hill and putting an apartment under the Pavilion for more stable revenue.

So that is a lot of “if, ands, and buts”. We hope to have an answer on the financing in the next couple of weeks.

If we cannot do it all, it looks like doing what we can to modernize the kitchen and make it fir in with a big expensive house. Our Realtor has reminded us of what we already knew. Our kitchen barely was passable for what we paid for the place, but at its increased value people will expect a nicer kitchen.

Of course this leads on to nice things, like giving a friend a more permanent job, and the ultimate goal of spending December and January in Australia with my family.  It really is possible if all pans out!

So fingers crossed. thanks for reading our goals. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!

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