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Ok so I am going to start talking about what I know. “What is that exactly?”, you ask. Well I know about many things, some in depth some at a basic level. However I see myself as pretty much John Citizen, Joe Blow or the average bloke. I would say I am somewhat of an expert when it comes to Online Marketing and running a Bed & Breakfast. These are the two things I have done as my career, and which I can speak to with some authority.

In the Dot Com world I have been involved with some very talented people, and part of some successful companies. I have also been ripped off and part of some failures. All makes for a well rounded view.

In the Bed & Breakfast Industry I have taken my own moderately successful B&B and taken it up a few notches. I have served and lead a statewide association. Finally I am building a solution for such association small and large, which will make life easier for all Innkeepers. I have built web sites for Inns and the like. They all seem to work very well for those Inns and B&Bs. I can build pretty ones too but am yet to see the need or find the client that wants to spend the money to do so! Which is ok as I know what works and the Innkeepers are not making a fortune. Running this type of business is more of a lifestyle than a money making machine.

So stay tuned. Follow me on Twitter. Be happy.

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