Bought a new car a Prius II

Well it seems we bought a new car a PRIUS II

I haven’t had a new car since Iowa. It is more about reliability and pairing down to what we need. So we are using the clunker deal on the VW Eurovan (unless someone offers us $4500 in the next 2 weeks). I have been trying to sell my Miata for just over a month too. Casey is willing to part with the bug even.

One of the biggest things was the room in the rear seat. I can sit there comfortably and Lauren’s car seat fits easily too! We had to drive the van as nothing else would work for the car seat.

We pick up the car in a couple of weeks. It is currently in Japan being born (or awaiting shipment to Portland).

We decided to go with the custom fit rubber car mats. We figure Lauren will spill stuff and it will help keep it clean. It also has a bluetooth switch like what my parents have on their car. I hate talking on a cell phone while driving but hands-free is better (and legal currently). We also got the rear bumper protection for when you drag stuff in and out of the boot.

Oh and it is a lease, so in four years we give it back probably. Then we get a new one. Maybe then we will go the whole hog and get leather seats and the sun roof. $6000 extra now did not make sense for all of that.

A nice reliable car, under warranty even! That relieves some stress!

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