Lots to consider

Sometimes you ask for things and never really truly expect to get the answer you are seeking. Well today I think we had an encounter that could turn around a lot of things for us. The question is now that it is upon us (maybe) do we want it?

So that somewhat cryptic question leads me to think about what I want. Here is my list;

  1. Happy Family with Casey and Lauren
  2. Friends and Family. This is hard as half are in Australia, they have copped the short end of the stick for 10 years.
  3. Love where I live. Olympia is it. Maybe some places in Australia could also fit the bill, yet to find them though. Maybe Narooma? The Mornington Peninsula?
  4. Work. Casey and I cannot imagine not running a B&B. Maybe a cafe but it would be attached to a B&B. I really want my internet business to work too.
  5. Health and well being. The well being is easy Olympia and Washington. Health and the insurance that gives you piece of mind is so stuffed up and expensive though.

Anyway so it sounds easy until you see how they all interrelate. Some problems are solved by a move to Australia. Which could create others. It is a sticky situation. We are not quite in it but we could be soon.

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