Outdoor Garden Weekend

What a nice weekend, tiring as it may have been. It started with one of our great regular guests leaving us a gift certificate for the local nursery. We went for a drive in the rain to check that out.

We were then very busy for the next couple of days with the Inn and Day Spa. Just what we want! Unfortunately we turned away four massages because none of the therapists were available. Casey stayed home and looked after the fort. She prepared afternoon tea for four sisters and their mother, and checked in and out day spa guests.

I went and hauled dirt in a wheelbarrow for the Madison-Avanti Garden. It makes me appreciate our community. Lunch was provided by the good folks at Mecconi’s, thank you so much for that! All came to an abrupt end just after two when it started pouring with rain. My guess is most of us were ready to drop anyway. I know I was!

Today we biked to take a look at the Wendell Berry Community Garden (extremely organized!), and then went to Bigelow Park. Lauren did the small and then the big slide all by herself. She really is amazing. We then happened upon the Bigelow Highland community garden.

Between all of these tasks I have been chipping away at a B&B web site. Relearning CSS. Was about time and I feel maybe I am getting somewhere. Creating a theme from scratch for this one, rather than outsourcing or using a theme.

Time to vege out I think…

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