Some Simple Social Media Tips.

So I thought I would share some thing in regards to social media, simple things that took me mere minutes and gained results.

This time of year at our Inn the summer crowds fade away and I worry about the next mortgage payment. So I spend a little more time on specifically targeting our wedding packages (specifically elopements, as we can fit them inside).

So after a couple of tweets, and some photos on our wedding web site, we saw a big spike in tours and then bookings. We booked six in two weeks, plus the activity in general has increased.

To keep the buzz going I added some recent photos to the Facebook page for the Inn. Now the trick here was to tell the brides I had done so (with their permission) and I swear it was not 30 seconds from sending the email to one bride and we had a half dozen new fans and a couple of shares of those photos.

Now it may not always be tracked back to revenue, but we do ask every couple and I know this has worked for us. As far as those Facebook photos, people who have never seen my Inn now know what it looks like. Some brand awareness in my mind.

I hope this helps some of you get a few more bookings!

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