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So you want to know more about me. If you are reading this page you must. I think. It isn’t that amazing. Really. I am Nathan Allan. See I told you it wasn’t that interesting.If you want to know more keep on reading.
Who is NetBloke?

Struth! That’s a good question mate! – Well I am NetBloke. That means NetBloke is me. Oh yeah and I am Nathan, Nathan Allan. I suppose you want a bit more info than that though! – NetBloke was an idea I had a long time ago but it has taken me a good two or three years to do something about it. The concept is based on the fact that I work with the Internet and that I am Australian. Do you see it? NetBloke. Ok? Spell it out a bit more for you? Well the ‘Net’ comes from Internet and the ‘Bloke’ is an Australian slang term for a male.

So what qualifies me to spout off about all things Internet?

Well I was working with the Internet at university – way before the WWW had even been thought of – Then I moved on to working at a place called Sausage Software and have worked in many roles on one of the Web’s first and best Web Editors, HotDog. During the last few years I have also worked as a Project Manager, running a Web Design Studio. This was a great time getting to create some first class Web sites for clients. I also dabbled in some contracting as well. All of my worldly work experience is backed up with a Bachelors Degree in Computing (Information Systems). Which makes me something like Nathan Allan BComp (Information Systems) I believe for business card purposes I need to remember that in case I ever work for IBM! I also run a small hosting and domain business over at

What about the personal side of NetBloke?

Yes there is another side of me that is not related to the Internet, although you will read about some of my personal experiences in my blog and the Editorial of my newsletter.

I was married once before but divorced. I was married to Karissa. I have a daughter, Hayden who is 17 years old.

I have a beautiful wife, great kids, and a dog.  The wife is Casey. The dog is Bella.

Casey and I had twin boys in 2007 but they came too early and now survive in our hearts. We have three kids, Lauren, Evan and Sophie.

I love to bike, hike, camp and kayak. I am a beeekeeper, with my assistant, Lauren. Allan Apiaries is the working title for the beekeeping operation. Casey has recently upgraded her old defunct web site and created Island Time Kayaking (She needs to update it more often!). This site is about her (and my) kayaking adventures. Eventually it is planned that this becomes the home of a kayak touring business.

Do you do anything else?

I am always busy! I am living a dream at the moment. Just over ten years ago I traveled the world, but mainly Europe, by myself and with my girlfriend Caroline Jackson. It was a life changing experience. Caroline and I soon discovered we could stay in Pensiones and Bed and Breakfasts for the same cost as Youth Hostels. This was a great discovery! We had a ball, stayed in amazing places, and I fell in love with travel. Another trip to Europe with my next girlfriend Clothilde Bell and I was convinced I wanted to run a Bed and Breakfast one day.

After a lot of things went south in my life, I found Casey, who in turn liked the idea of the Bed and Breakfast. I purchased the Swantown Inn in late 2004, and since then haven’t looked back. I don’t know how far I want to take it but hey the Hilton’s better watch out!

I awas on the Board of the Washington Bed and Breakfast Guild and am also applying my technology skills to some other side projects that are related to the industry.

My Travels

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