What is planned for 2013?

So the beginning of a year, another opportunity to start afresh, but you really can do this any day. I suppose with a new year there is reflection and prioritization of your past and plans.

Let me use this post as a sounding board for myself. If you want to chime in feel free.

So first and foremost is Family. I have three great kids and a lovely wife. Great extended family, parents and the like. There definitely has to be more time spent with them.

  • Leaving for Kauai in four days, will see parents and sister. Would really like to get back to Australia to see extended family and friends this coming Christmas.
  • Try to get away more often, whether it be a road-trip, camping or day trip. Just to take a breather from the B&B.

Next comes my Health. This quite frankly is pretty scary. My blood pressure is through the roof. Been on meds for close to 3 week and no real change in it yet. The side effects of the meds are not fun, but I take them at night. Get a little dizzy and they knock me out. So some goals;

  • I need to get the blood pressure down, with meds to start, and then assist with some weight loss and exercise.
  • The alternative is not fun. I don;t want to be having a heart attack or stroke. At this point that could be on the cards in the next few years. It seems genetically my family history is not kind on males.
  • I need to eliminate things that stress me. That gets tough as I like to make sure everyone is happy. Time to start saying no to a few things and go for a walk instead.

Work or Business is a big part of the stress. There are some changes I have to make here.

  • The B&B is great, Casey and I love it. It works at many levels, but does not enable us financially. Life is not just about money though! although it helps to get to see family and just enjoy life a little. 
  • The goal is to get the refinance and expansion we have been trying for so long. If we do not by March then there are some really hard decisions to be made.
  • For my consulting I do through Thinkers, I really need to stop undervaluing myself and my skills. Others with less experience and knowledge do a much better job at selling themselves than I.
  • Volunteer work is great and rewarding, but it does not pay the bills and takes away from the work that needs to be done here at the B&B.
  • If we get the financing we so dearly want, I need to just say no to all of the extra work.

As for the Hobbies and the like;

  • I would love to continue to get better with my photography.
  • We have plans to put the Swantown Inn on the map when it comes to Christmas lights! Inspired by Oly Lightstravaganza.
  • Really want to get out and paddle our kayak.

Anyway that is all. This is just something I can look back on.

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